Tried and Tested: Pumpkin (Kaddu ka) Halva Recipe

Fall season is pumpkin season and I have been seeing so many delicious recipes that I decided to try one myself, kaddu ka halva or in other words pumpkin dessert.


When I first told my husband that I am going to make pumpkin halva he was a little skeptical and wasn’t sure if he is going to like it or not. Plus he is not a big fan of desserts. But once I made it he loved it. So I thought to myself if he likes it than it’s a recipe worth sharing. After all sharing is caring.

You will Need:

Pumpkin (Kaddu)                                                           500 g

Milk                                                                                     ½ liter

Sweetened condensed milk                                        380 g

Sugar                                                                                   ½ cup

Clarified butter (ghee)                                                 1 cup

Green cardamom powder (Elichi powder)             1 tsp

Pistachios                                                                          10 sliced

Almonds                                                                            15 sliced


  1. First grate the pumpkin.
  1. Take a pan and heat the clarified butter on high flame. Once the butter is heated add the grated pumpkin and cook until the pumpkin gets soft.
  1. Once the pumpkin is soft add the milk, sugar, green cardamom powder, condensed milk and mix everything well. When it starts to boil reduce the flame to low medium and cook it till the liquid ingredients dry and keep stirring to prevent it from sticking to the pan.
  1. Once the milk is dry and the butter comes on the surface turn the flam off and shift the halwa into a bowl and garnish it with the pistachios and almonds.
  1. You can enjoy it hot and cold.

It’s a quick and easy recipe and ideal for cold winter days. I hope you enjoy making and eating it just as much as I did.

P.S.: I know it’s not easy to have your laptop or phone with you in the kitchen. So I have added a printable recipe for you to download and print.

Click here to download -> Pumpkin Halva Recipe

Happy Cooking 🙂


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