Marimo: A Unique Pet

The other day I was watching some YouTube videos, which is my favorite thing to do these days when I came across a video in which a girl was talking about her house plants. Now don’t ask me why I was watching it. To be honest I don’t even know how I ended up there. Well, anyways she was showing the plants she had in her house and one plant caught my interest. A Marimo.

She showed a round glass bowl which looked like a gold fish aquarium but instead of a fish she had green, fluffy and round balls in there which she called Marimo. It was something that I haven’t seen or heard before.  So I had to Google it and after some research I fell in love with it.


The Marimo (“Moss Ball” in English) is the Japanese name for a species of filamentous green algae (Chlorophyta) mostly found in lakes. It’s a rare growth form of algae, which roll along the bottom of lakes and form into large green fluffy balls. They grow at a rate of about 5 mm per year and can form colonies in the wild. These Colonies can only be found in Japan, Scotland, Iceland and Australia. In Japan they are a natural treasure and a protected species in Iceland.

They make amazing pets as they are very easy to care for and with proper care Marimo can get up to 100 years old. They look freaking cute and are conversation starter when you have guests over.

Now if you have also fallen in love with the Marimo and also want to get one for yourself, here is guide on what material you need, how to assemble the aquarium and how to take care for it.


  • Glass bowl or jar
  • Rocks or marbles
  • Filtered water
  • Marimo


  1. First you need to thoroughly rinse the glass bowl or jar and the rocks or marbles to make sure that everything is clean. After that you place a layer of the rocks or
    marbles on the bottom of the glass bowl. This layer should be at least 1 inch deep.
  2. Now that everything is in place you can pour the cold filtered water into the bowl so that it is few inches free from the top.
  3. Lastly you will gently rinse the marimo in filtered water to remove any dirt and then place it in the bowl.



Light:  Unlike other plants Marimo like indirect lights, which means they do very well in artificial light. Direct sunlight is very dangerous for your marimo. It can cause brown spots on your marimo, which is sunburn. Direct sunlight can even kill it.

Water: The bowl water for the marimo should be cool filtered water; if you live where tab water is also filtered you can use that as well. You should change the bowl water once a week by pouring out half and adding more. In case the water gets cloudy you should change the whole water.

Love: You should push your marimo around the bowl with your finger every once in a while, so it gets light on all sides. You can even pick it up for a sometime. This will make your marimo happy and grow.

I loved writing this post because I love sharing new things and things I like. Now I want to know from you did you already know about the Marimo or do you even have one? I would love to know.



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