50 Little Things That Make Me Happy

In my last Wisdom Wednesday I shared a quote by Robert Brault which said Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things. This quote stuck with me for some time and I started to look at all the little things that made a big difference.…… Continue reading 50 Little Things That Make Me Happy


Marimo: A Unique Pet

The other day I was watching some YouTube videos, which is my favorite thing to do these days when I came across a video in which a girl was talking about her house plants. Now don’t ask me why I was watching it. To be honest I don’t even know how I ended up there.…… Continue reading Marimo: A Unique Pet


Travel Essentials: What´s in my bag?

Have you ever wondered what women carry around with them in their big bags? It’s a mystery, well it was until now. In this post I want to share what’s in my bag with a little twist and share what I take with me when I am travelling. Being a very curious person I love…… Continue reading Travel Essentials: What´s in my bag?


The Wanderlust Tag

While browsing through some blogs I came across the wanderlust tag on the anacelinelabod Blog. Here you can read her version of the wanderlust tag. According to the dictionary wanderlust means a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. I have been feeling a very strong desire to travel the last few days and  deiced…… Continue reading The Wanderlust Tag


Tried and Tested: Pumpkin (Kaddu ka) Halva Recipe

Fall season is pumpkin season and I have been seeing so many delicious recipes that I decided to try one myself, kaddu ka halva or in other words pumpkin dessert. When I first told my husband that I am going to make pumpkin halva he was a little skeptical and wasn’t sure if he is…… Continue reading Tried and Tested: Pumpkin (Kaddu ka) Halva Recipe

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The Housemaid: Comfort or Headache?

Who doesn’t mind having a little help in the household? In Pakistan it’s normal to have a maid, called Masi here who comes 6 days a week to help out in housekeeping. In Germany we are used to do everything ourselves cleaning, laundry and cooking so naturally it felt like a luxury to have one after…… Continue reading The Housemaid: Comfort or Headache?


5 YouTube Channels worth Subscribing

Nowadays the television has been replaced by YouTube. Especially the younger generation prefers YouTube over the tradition television. You can watch your favorite videos whenever you want, which makes it easy to follow your favorite YouTube channels without the stress of missing an episode because you are not free at the time its airing. It…… Continue reading 5 YouTube Channels worth Subscribing